In the beginning was the end

Prypjat might be called a project or a one-man-band or maybe an over-all work of art. One is often tempted to attach importance to something, to
take it more or less serious and therefore stick it
into a certain direction. Thereby it is often neglected that through this a part of possibilities are deprived which lies in the thing itself. Let's leave Prypjat as unsorted and only give it space and liberties to develop from itself. Perhaps like this small town
near the destroyed reactor IV which inavitably had been turned adrift and changed into something different,
maybe even more significant, than ever planned or foreseen.

The perdition, the decay and the disaster, which are not limited to this small Town, but empitomized so perfectly, is always likewise the beginning of something new, different. It doesn't concede its right to exist just as it cares about its meaning and category.
What seems as dead land and lost hope from afar, at close range turns out to be something that, even though it seems unfamiliar or peculiar, is as alive and self-inventing as life on this planet is from time immemorial.

At night wolves can be heard, in the dusty streets of Prypjat.

about me:

My name is Roland, born 1985 in Nürnberg.
I started making music (or however you want to call it)
in the end of 2006

my equipment:

-Kawai K4
-Roland JP-8000
-some softwaresynths

-Soundblaster Live

-Logic 5.5.1
-Wavelab 5

-Noname amp with 4 Magnat speakers

I have to thank you:

I would like to thank all the people which have supported me and my project.





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